Renters Insurance

Basically, renters insurance acts as a homeowners insurance policy for those who rent their place of residence. Whether you are living in a condo, apartment, house, duplex, etc., renters insurance can protect you and your assets. Having renter’s insurance can help avoid costs of damanges should anything happen to a rental property you are living in.

Does My Landlord Cover Me?

Your landlord’s insurance will NOT cover you and your assets. A landlord’s policy covers only the physical structure of the rental property, not your belongings.

If the person who owns the building has rental insurance, they will be protected from costs to them should something happen to the building, but they are not responsible for covering your belongings.


Be Proactive

Purchasing renter’s insurance ensures that your property and belongings are protected. You are the only one ¬†who is responsible for protecting your assets. Contact Ensign and Associates today for more information and quotes from multiple insurance companies.

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